To commemorate the 2014–2015 season of the Third Thursday Poetry Reading Series at Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, myself and my colleagues from the Graphic Design department at Auburn University were invited to create an edition of seventy-five sets of eight broadsides representing a unique visual interpretation of a poem written by each month’s visiting poet. Each broadside is letterpressed printed in 2-colors—all sharing one ink with the second ink selected by the designer. They are presented as a set in a custom-made portfolio available for purchase from the museum gift shop. I had the pleasure of working with three of the visiting poets: Jericho Brown, Kyes Stevens, and Joanie Mackowski. All eight broadsides are on exhibit at the JCSM during the Spring of 2015. See the contributions of all the participating designers: Kelly Bryant, Courtney Collins, Samantha Lawrie, and Courtney Windham.

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